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Welcome to Howdy Brewer, your one-stop-shop for homebrewing supplies! We're proud to offer a wide variety of brewing malts to help you create the perfect beer, regardless of the style you're aiming for.

Different types of brewing malts we offer:

  1. Base Malts: These malts provide the foundation for your beer, providing fermentable sugars and essential nutrients for yeast. We offer a range of base malts from different regions, such as American 2-Row, German Pilsner, and Maris Otter.

  2. Specialty Malts: These malts are used to add color, flavor, and aroma to your beer. We offer a variety of specialty malts, including Crystal, Chocolate, and Roasted Barley, as well as specialty malts like Acidulated Malt and Flaked Oats.

  3. Adjuncts: These are non-malt ingredients that can be added to your beer to enhance flavor or mouthfeel. We offer a variety of adjuncts such as Corn, Rice, and Wheat.

  4. Organic Malts: We offer a selection of organic malts, including organic 2-Row and organic Munich, to support your brewing practices.

At Howdy Brewer, we're dedicated to providing high-quality brewing malts to help you create the perfect beer. Our malts are carefully sourced and undergo strict quality control processes to ensure consistency and performance. Plus, with our wide range of malts, you can experiment with different styles and flavors to create the perfect brew every time.

Browse our selection of brewing malts today and start brewing the beer of your dreams!

Malt Extracts

Howdy Brewer offers a range of malt extracts that are perfect for homebrewers who want to simplify their brewing process without sacrificing quality. Our malt extracts are made from high-quality brewing malts and are available in liquid or dry form, making them easy to use and ideal for all levels of homebrewing experience.


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