55lb Diammonium Phosphate DAP FG Yeast Nutrient, Prayphos

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Quick Overview

  • FreeFlow DAP. 
  • Easy to measure. 
  • Major source of nitrogen.
  • 21.2% ammonia nitrogen
  • 100 ppm (10 g/hL) DAP = 21 ppm nitrogen
  • 1 lb/1000G = 25.4 ppm N

Product Overview

Introducing DAP (Diammonium Phosphate), your secret weapon for masterful brewing of low-malt or sugar-rich mashes and washes. A powerhouse of nitrogen, DAP fuels your yeast to bring out the best in your fermenting brews, while allowing you to control the fermentation speed and temperature with precision.

Enrich your brewing process with our specially formulated DAP. It's not just a source of nitrogen, but also an agent of change in your fermentation dynamics. The presence of DAP energizes the yeast, stimulating an efficient and balanced fermentation process that delivers the taste and quality you seek.

Yet, DAP is not a brute force ingredient; it requires and respects finesse. For the best results, we recommend adding DAP in carefully measured stages during the first half of fermentation. This method ensures a harmonious blend of DAP and yeast, keeping the fermentation rate under control. It's this gradual addition that allows DAP to work its magic, enhancing fermentation without causing the yeast to work too rapidly or generate excess heat.

With DAP, you gain the power to precisely steer your fermentation process. Whether you aim for a slow and steady fermentation or a quicker, more vigorous process, DAP caters to your needs, supporting you in creating your ideal brew. It's an essential ingredient that offers unparalleled control, stability, and versatility, making it an invaluable addition to your brewing journey.

Experience the transformative power of DAP, and elevate your brewing process to new heights of excellence. Discover the difference DAP makes in unlocking the potential of your yeast and revealing the hidden depths of flavor in your mashes and washes.

  • 21.2% ammonia nitrogen
  • 100 ppm (10 g/hL) DAP = 21 ppm nitrogen
  • 1 lb/1000G = 25.4 ppm N

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