10lb Rahr 6-Row Premium Malt - High Enzyme

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Quick Overview

  • Premium Quality: Crafted from the finest barley to deliver superior quality for your brews.
  • High Enzyme Content: Excels in breaking down complex starches, increasing the fermentable sugar yield.
  • Optimal for Adjuncts: Ensures excellent starch conversion when using large amounts of adjuncts in your recipe.
  • Enhances Body and Flavor: Contributes to the overall body and imparts a pronounced grainy flavor to your beverages.
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for brewing lagers, American pilsners, and other grain-forward styles.
  • Generous Quantity: Conveniently packaged in a 10lb bag for multiple brewing sessions.

Product Overview

Introducing Rahr 6-Row Malted Barley - a 10lb powerhouse of flavor and quality crafted for the dedicated homebrewer. Cultivated from premium barley, Rahr 6-Row is an indispensable component for anyone who cherishes the art of creating excellent beer and spirits.

Boasting a high enzyme content, this malt is known for its ability to break down complex starches, thereby increasing the fermentable sugar yield in your brews. Its unique properties make it an excellent choice for recipes with large amounts of adjuncts, ensuring optimal conversion for superior results.

Rahr 6-Row Malted Barley also contributes to the overall body and mouthfeel of your beverages, infusing them with a pronounced grainy flavor that's both distinct and balanced. It is a popular choice for lagers, American pilsners, and any brew that seeks to highlight a robust grainy character.

Packaged in a sturdy 10lb bag, Rahr 6-Row Malted Barley provides you with ample supply for numerous brewing sessions. It's more than just a brewing ingredient - it's a crucial component in crafting beers and spirits that are truly memorable.

Experience the difference with Rahr 6-Row Malted Barley. Elevate your home brewing journey with this high-quality malt, and enjoy the satisfaction of producing beverages that echo professional quality in every sip.

Malt Size 10 lb bag
Color °L 2.0-2.5
Protein Total 12.0 +/- 1.5 %
Moisture % Max 4.5
Extract FG Min >79.0
Usage Rate Up to 100%

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