5 Liter Sinamar® Beer Color Extract (5.9kg) Gluten Free by Weyermann

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LME SINAMAR® is produced solely from our roasted malt CARAFA®, according to the strict German "Reinheitsgebot" (purity-law).

Product Overview

Embrace the authentic richness of LME SINAMAR, produced solely from our select roasted malt – CARAFA. Adhering to the stringent German “Reinheitsgebot” purity law, we ensure a brew of uncompromised quality.

Our meticulous vacuum evaporation process enhances the iconic color and extract of SINAMAR. Each batch is finely filtered and then promptly filled into canisters and containers at temperatures of 158°F – 167°F (70 – 75°C), capturing its essence at its peak.


  • Refined Taste: Our specialized treatment ensures a smoother and less bitter flavor.
  • Clarity: LME SINAMAR promises a clear brew, free from any turbidity.
  • pH Stability: Enjoy consistent quality with its pH-stable formulation.
  • Gluten-Free: A delightful option for those seeking gluten-free alternatives.

Dive into a pure brewing experience with LME SINAMAR, where tradition meets excellence.


Recommended Quantities:Use 14 g (11.9 ml) of LME SINAMAR Color Malt Extract to darken 1 hl of beer or wort by 1 EBC; or use 1.5 oz. (1.25 fl.oz.) to darken 1bbl of beer or wort by 1° Lovibond.

LME SINAMAR imparts intense notes of coffee, cocoa, dark chocolate, and mild roastiness.

Unopened containers have a 18 month shelf-life.Once opened, contents should be used immediately and stored cool.

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