10lb Rahr Unmalted White Wheat Raw Grain

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Quick Overview

  • Pure Ingredient: Rahr Unmalted Wheat is a raw wheat grain, unprocessed and packed with natural flavor.
  • Traditional Flavors: Introduces a robust grain flavor, ideal for creating authentic Belgian-style brews.
  • Appearance Enhancement: Contributes a delicate straw color and typical cloudiness to your beer, enriching its visual appeal.
  • Stable Foam Head: Its high protein content ensures an impressive, long-lasting foam head for a better beer presentation.
  • Brewing Requirements: Owing to the ungelatinized starch and high protein content, usage may call for a cereal mash and/or protein rest depending on your brewing style.

Product Overview

Introducing Rahr Unmalted Wheat - an unprocessed, raw grain that acts as a secret ingredient in crafting traditional Belgian-style brews. Renowned for its pronounced grain flavor and delicate straw color, it serves as an excellent component to enhance your brew's complexity. While adding flavor, it also introduces a characteristic cloudiness to your beer and aids in creating a robust head formation. Given its high protein content and ungelatinized starch, it might necessitate a cereal mash and/or protein rest depending upon its use in the brewing process. Enhance your brewing experience with Rahr Unmalted Wheat's unique attributes.

Malt Size 10 lb bag
Color °L 1.5 - 4.0
Protein Total 11.5 ± 3.5
Moisture % Max 12.0
Extract FG Min
Usage Rate Up to 50%

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