55lb Rahr Standard 2-Row Base Malt

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Quick Overview

  • Remarkable Versatility: Its neutral characteristics make it suitable for use in virtually any beer style.
  • High-Quality Origin: Sourced from a carefully selected blend of North American 2-Row barley, ensuring a consistently premium brew.
  • Well-Balanced Color: Perfectly positioned between lager and pale ale malts in terms of color, adding a visually appealing golden hue to your beer.
  • Outstanding Extract Yield: Offers impressive extract potential to enhance the flavor and body of your beer.
  • Controlled Protein Levels: Contains moderate protein content, contributing to improved body and mouthfeel without becoming overwhelming.
  • Industry Standard: Popular choice among North American craft breweries, highlighting its superior performance and proven results.

Product Overview

Enhance your brewing repertoire with Rahr's Standard 2-Row, a carefully crafted base malt derived from a select blend of North American 2-Row barley varieties. This malt strikes a captivating balance between the lighter hues of lager malts and the slightly darker shades of pale ale malts, adding a visually appealing golden base to your brew.

Rahr's Standard 2-Row boasts moderate protein levels that contribute to the body and mouthfeel of the beer, while its high extract yield ensures optimal flavor delivery. The malt's remarkably neutral characteristics lend it an impressive versatility, making it an indispensable component for brewing any style of beer.

Adopted by numerous North American craft breweries as their go-to base malt, Rahr's Standard 2-Row serves as a reliable and efficient cornerstone for creating a myriad of exceptional beer styles. Elevate your craft and unleash your brewing creativity with this adaptable and high-performing malt.

Malt Size 55 lb bag
Color °L 1.8-2.3
Protein Total 11.5 ± 0.5
Moisture % Max 4.5
Extract FG Min >80.0
Usage Rate Up to 100%

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