55lb Rahr Red Wheat Malt

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Quick Overview

  • Distinctive Taste: Introduces a unique blend of sweet, malty flavor complemented by a hint of fruitiness and a subtle tartness exclusive to red wheat.
  • Enhanced Body: High protein content improves the body and fullness of your brew, leading to a richer tasting experience.
  • Improved Foaming: Assists in promoting superior head formation and retention, contributing to the visual appeal and enjoyment of your beer.
  • Particular Milling: Comprised of smaller, harder kernels than white wheat, requiring careful milling to ensure optimal extraction.
  • Broad Application: An excellent choice for all wheat-style beers, offering a versatile ingredient for your diverse brewing needs.

Product Overview

Unleash a unique dimension of flavor and texture in your brew with Rahr Red Wheat. Expertly malted from North American hard spring red wheat, this malt presents a gentle symphony of sweet, malty tones nuanced by an undercurrent of subtle fruitiness. Distinctly beneficial for enhancing body and fullness, the high protein content of Rahr Red Wheat is key in crafting rich, full-bodied beers.

Its exceptional ability to boost head formation and longevity adds a professional touch to your brewing process, depending on the other grains in the blend. The red wheat variety introduces a slight tart note to the flavor profile, offering an exciting contrast to the sweetness of the malt. This variety, possessing smaller, harder kernels than white wheat, calls for meticulous milling.

Perfectly suited for crafting any wheat-style beer, Rahr Red Wheat is your secret ingredient for a brewing experience that's as satisfying as the end result.

Malt Size 55 lb bag
Usage Rate Up to 50%
Color °L 2.4-3.5
Protein Total 12.0 +/- 3.5
Moisture % Max 5.0
Extract FG Min >80.0

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