55lb Rahr Malted Oats - Enhance Foam Stability

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Quick Overview

Rahr Malted Oats is your new go-to for adding foam stability and a creamy texture to beer. Ideal for juicy or hazy IPA, stout, porter, or any beer style where increased foam development and silky mouthfeel is desired. Rahr Malted Oats bring earthy, grainy flavors as well as palate fullness.

Product Overview

Unleash the power of exceptional brews with Rahr Malted Oats - your ultimate ingredient for enhancing foam stability and imparting a luxuriously creamy texture to your beer. Specially crafted for brewers seeking that extra touch of finesse, these malted oats are perfect for creating standout juicy or hazy IPAs, robust stouts, rich porters, or any beer style that calls for a heightened foam presence and a silky-smooth mouthfeel.

Savor the authentic, earthy graininess that Rahr Malted Oats contribute to your brew, lending a uniquely fulfilling palate experience. These malted oats don't just enhance the taste; they add an inviting, luscious fullness that can elevate your beer from good to unforgettable.

High in protein, Rahr Malted Oats offer the additional benefits of contributing to yeast health and fermentation. And, even while delivering these advantageous properties, they are deliberately low in color, allowing you to maintain the desired hue of your brew. Moreover, they feature a low beta-glucan content, minimizing the risk of slow or stuck lautering, thus ensuring a smoother brewing process.

Embrace Rahr Malted Oats - the secret ingredient for brewers who aspire to create extraordinary beers that are as pleasurable to the palate as they are impressive in presentation.

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