55lb Rahr High DP Distillers Malt - North American Barley

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Quick Overview

  • Optimized Enzymatic Activity: Processed to maximize diastatic power and alpha amylase for efficient starch conversion.
  • High-Quality Barley: Made using premium North American barley for superior quality and consistency.
  • High Diastatic Power: Exceptional diastatic power of >220 L, ensuring thorough mash conversion.
  • Abundant FAN Content: Rich in Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) to provide essential yeast nutrition, promoting robust fermentation.
  • Bulk Quantity: Available in a 55lb package, perfect for frequent use or large-scale distillation processes.
  • Distiller-Focused: Specifically designed to cater to the nuanced requirements of distillers, enhancing the quality of spirits.

Product Overview

Discover the distinctive qualities of Rahr Distillers Malt, meticulously processed using premium North American barley. This malt is expertly tailored to optimize enzymatic activity, catering specifically to the nuanced requirements of distillers.

Rahr Distillers Malt stands out with its exceptionally high diastatic power and abundant alpha amylase, hallmarks of its superior enzymatic profile. These attributes promote efficient starch conversion, paving the way for a high yield of fermentable sugars, and consequently, a smooth and successful distillation process.

This malt also boasts a high level of Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN), which provides essential nutrition for yeast. This contributes to robust yeast health and activity, enabling effective fermentation and enhancing the overall quality of the distilled spirit.

As indicated by a typical diastatic power analysis of over 220 Lintner, Rahr Distillers Malt delivers potent enzymatic action. This assures distillers of its capacity to support a full, complete mash conversion, even in mash bills that incorporate sizeable amounts of non-malted adjuncts.

With Rahr Distillers Malt, you're not simply adding an ingredient to your distillation process; you're investing in a solution designed to boost efficiency, improve outcomes, and enable the creation of superior spirits. Experience the Rahr Distillers Malt difference today.

Color °L 2.5-3.0
Malt Size 55 lb bag
Moisture % Max 6.5
Protein Total <15.0

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