10lb Rahr Dextrin Malt

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Quick Overview

  • Enhanced Mouthfeel: Specially designed to improve the body and texture of your brew.
  • Stable Foam Creation: High protein levels contribute to a mousselike, durable foam stand.
  • Perfect for Hazy IPAs: Boosts viscosity and maintains a long-lasting haze without darkening the beer color.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for use in a wide range of styles, including pale ones, due to its low color.
  • Domestic Alternative: An excellent substitute for chit malt in improving head retention and mouthfeel.
  • Nuanced Flavors: Depending on the inclusion rate, it can impart bready, grainy, and raw barley flavors to your brews.
  • Convenient Quantity: Comes in a 10lb package, ideal for home brewing or small-scale brewing experiments.

Product Overview

Elevate your brewing artistry with Rahr Dextrin Malt, meticulously crafted to enhance every aspect of your beer. This specialty malt boasts lower modification and elevated protein levels, imparting a remarkable body and contributing to an improved haze formation and long-lasting foam. Its low color profile makes it an adaptable choice, seamlessly blending into the most delicate pale styles without compromising their visual appeal.

When incorporated at up to 10%, Rahr Dextrin Malt brings a new dimension to hazy IPAs, promoting a luxurious viscosity and a stable, long-lasting haze without unduly darkening the beer color. Moreover, this malt offers an efficient domestic alternative for those seeking to improve head retention and mouthfeel in lagers and a myriad of other styles, as traditionally achieved with chit malt.

As you experiment with varying inclusion rates in your mashbill, you'll discover a spectrum of flavors - from bready and grainy to the unmistakable raw barley note. Rahr Dextrin Malt is not merely an ingredient; it's a gateway to unlocking nuanced flavors and refining the texture of your brews, embodying the essence of brewing mastery.


Malt Size 10 lb bag
Color °L 1.2-2.2
Moisture % Max <6.0
Usage Rate Up to 10%
Protein Total <13.0

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