55lb Rahr 6-Row Premium Malt - High Enzyme

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Quick Overview

  • Superior Quality: Derived from high-grade barley for an unmatched brewing experience.
  • High Enzyme Malt: Known for effective starch breakdown and increased fermentable sugar yield.
  • Great with Adjuncts: Ideal for recipes involving large adjunct amounts, ensuring superior starch conversion.
  • Flavor and Body Enhancement: Adds a distinctive grainy flavor and improves the overall body of your brews.
  • Wide Application: Suits a variety of styles like lagers, American pilsners, and other grain-centric brews.
  • Bulk Quantity: Generously packed in a 55lb bag, suitable for extensive brewing projects.

Product Overview

Elevate your home brewing and distilling projects with Rahr 6-Row Malted Barley, available in a generous 55lb bag. Sourced from premium barley, this malt brings professional-grade quality to your homemade beverages, inviting you to explore the endless possibilities of brewing and distilling.

Rahr 6-Row Malted Barley is renowned for its high enzyme content, which plays a pivotal role in breaking down complex starches and maximizing fermentable sugar yield. Its exceptional starch conversion properties make it an ideal choice for recipes with large amounts of adjuncts, enabling you to experiment with unique flavor profiles with confidence.

In addition to its functional benefits, Rahr 6-Row Malted Barley enhances the body and mouthfeel of your brews, infusing them with a characteristic grainy flavor that is both bold and balanced. Whether you're brewing traditional lagers, American pilsners, or seeking to highlight robust grainy notes in your brews, this malt is a versatile choice.

Supplied in a substantial 55lb bag, Rahr 6-Row Malted Barley equips you with an ample amount for extensive brewing sessions. With this malt, you're not just purchasing an ingredient - you're investing in quality, flavor, and the potential to create beverages that truly stand out.

Malt Size 50/55 lb bag
Color °L 2.0-2.5
Protein Total 12.0 +/- 1.5
Moisture % Max 4.5
Extract FG Min >79.0
Usage Rate Up to 100%

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