10lb Weyermann Oak Smoked Wheat Malt - Superior Quality, Uniquely Smoky Flavor

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Quick Overview

  • Unique, smoky flavor and aroma
  • Crafted using only the finest quality wheat and oak wood
  • Ideal for a range of beer styles
  • Traditional malting methods ensure superior quality
  • Perfect for adding depth and complexity to your favorite beers

Product Overview

Looking for a high-quality malt with a unique, smoky flavor? Look no further than Weyermann Oak Smoked Wheat Malt! Crafted in Germany using only the finest quality wheat and oak wood, this malt is perfect for adding depth and complexity to your favorite beers.

The oak smoke infusion imparts a rich, smoky flavor and aroma, complementing the sweetness of the wheat malt to create a perfectly balanced taste. This versatile malt is ideal for a range of beer styles, including traditional German Rauchbier, American Amber Ale, and more.

At Weyermann, we take pride in our commitment to quality and tradition. Our Oak Smoked Wheat Malt is carefully crafted using traditional malting methods and the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a superior product every time.

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