55lb Weyermann Bioland Organic Rye Malt

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Quick Overview

  • Made from high-quality, organic German rye grains
  • Imparts a unique biscuit-like flavor and a smooth, nearly oily texture
  • Provides a malty-sweet aroma with hints of fresh bread and honey
  • Ideal for brewing rye beer styles, as well as adding depth to any brew
  • BIOLAND certified, ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices

Product Overview

Experience a unique twist to your brewing journey with Weyermann BIOLAND Rye Malt. Artfully crafted from top-tier German rye, this malt boasts an array of traditional rye characteristics that truly stand out.

This malt infuses your brew with a delectable biscuit-like flavor that’s accentuated by a smooth, nearly oily texture, offering a distinctive sensory experience. Its robust, malty-sweet aromas take the forefront, with subtle undertones of freshly baked bread and a whisper of honey, elevating the complexity of your beer's profile.

Perfectly suited for rye beer styles, Weyermann BIOLAND Rye Malt is also an adventurous addition to virtually any type of brew, lending an extra layer of flavor and depth to your beer.

Being a BIOLAND product, it echoes the commitment to superior quality and sustainable farming practices. This ensures that each batch of malt is not only exceptional in taste but also respectful to our environment.

Choose Weyermann BIOLAND Rye Malt and add an intriguing spin to your brewing. It’s more than just a malt, it’s a doorway to more adventurous and full-flavored brews.

  • Color °Lovibond: 2-4.2
  • Moisture % Max: 6%
  • Extract FG Min: 81
  • Usage Rate: Up to 50%

Malt produced from 100% certified organic cultivation*

NOP certificate available upon request.

*certified organic by BCS (DE-ÖKO-001)

*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations

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