55lb Weyermann BIOLAND Organic Pilsner Malt

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Quick Overview

  • Produced from superior quality, two-row spring barley for an authentic German Pilsner base.
  • Imparts a pale-straw color to the brew, embodying traditional lager aesthetics.
  • Offers a mild, malty-sweet flavor profile accentuated by gentle notes of honey.
  • Promotes excellent lautering properties and high extract efficiency across various brewing processes.
  • Enhances the finished beer with a substantial body, mouthfeel, and commendable foam development for great head retention.

Product Overview

Discover the heart of German brewing with Weyermann BIOLAND Pilsner Malt. This lager-style base malt is meticulously produced from superior quality, two-row spring barley. It is here where authenticity meets the highest brewing standards.

Immerse yourself in the distinct hues of pale-straw it imparts to your brew, invoking the tradition of classic pilsners. Delight in its mild, malty-sweet flavor that delicately unfurls on the palate, revealing subtle notes of honey that resonate throughout.

Notably versatile, this malt showcases high extract efficiency and outstanding lautering properties. It ensures optimal results across all brewing processes, from the most straightforward to the intricately complex mashing regimen.

But Weyermann BIOLAND Pilsner Malt offers more than just optimal brewing. It brings an undeniable enhancement to your finished beer - enriching it with a substantial body, mouthfeel, and remarkable foam development. This results in a beer that looks as good as it tastes, featuring enduring head retention.

Perfectly suited for any beer style, this malt truly excels in continental or American lagers, and non-alcoholic or alcohol-reduced beers. By choosing Weyermann BIOLAND Pilsner Malt, you are not just selecting an ingredient. You are embracing an age-old brewing tradition that ensures your beer stands out from the crowd.

  • Moisture % Max: 5%
  • Protein Total: 9.5-12
  • Extract FG Min: 78
  • Color °Lovibond: 1.4-2.3

Malt produced from 100% certified organic cultivation*

NOP certificate available upon request.

*certified organic by BCS (DE-ÖKO-001)

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