55lb Weyermann Barke Vienna Malt - Premium Quality German Craft Brewing Grain for Rich Malty Beers

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Quick Overview

Weyermann Barke Vienna Malt creates full-bodied beer, with golden color, smooth taste, and intensely malty-sweet flavors. Gentle notes of honey and nuts (almond and hazelnut) also come through when using this malt. Excellent process characteristics in the brew house and during filtration, along with increased extract efficiency set Barke Vienna Malt apart. Weyermann Barke Vienna Malt is the malt for authentic lagers.

Perfect for Bavarian Dunkel, "Festbier", "Maerzenbier", Pale Ale / IPA, Lager, Stouts and of course Vienna Lager.

Product Overview

Elevate your brewing experience with Weyermann Barke Vienna Malt. This exceptional malt is the secret to creating a beer that is rich in body, exhibits a radiant golden hue, and offers a tantalizingly smooth taste.

Savor the rush of intensely malty-sweet flavors that this malt infuses into your brew. Unfold layers of delicate sweetness that gently melt into subtle hints of honey, almond, and hazelnut, creating an intricate palette of flavors that enthrall your senses.

What sets Weyermann Barke Vienna Malt apart isn't just its superior flavor profile. It also boasts excellent process characteristics, enhancing performance in the brew house and during filtration. Plus, with its increased extract efficiency, this malt maximizes both the quality and quantity of your yield.

Perfect for crafting authentic lagers, Weyermann Barke Vienna Malt is more than an ingredient - it's a game-changer for any brewer seeking to create beers that echo the tradition and heritage of genuine lager brewing. Savor the difference with Weyermann Barke Vienna Malt.

Wort Color:

  • 2.8 - 3.9 °Lovibond (6.0 - 8.9 EBC)

  • Usage:
  • 100% max.
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