1/2 in. ID Vinyl Flexible Transfer/Racking Tubing - 5/8 in. OD

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Product Overview

This versatile tool is ideal for use with 1/2'' OD racking canes and 1/2'' OD bottle fillers, streamlining your brewing and bottling process for the most effective and efficient results. It is designed with home brewers and professional breweries in mind, delivering consistent and reliable performance each time.

Perfectly sized for 1/2'' outer diameter (OD) racking canes, this product enables seamless racking, making it easier to transfer your brew from one container to another. Whether you're transferring from a fermenter to a bottling bucket, or from a boil kettle to a fermenter, this tool will make the process smoother and faster, with less risk of unwanted agitation or aeration that could potentially harm your beer.

Additionally, this product is also designed to accommodate 1/2'' OD bottle fillers. This makes it an excellent tool for ensuring a clean, efficient, and spill-free transfer of your brew into individual bottles. It is perfect for both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, making bottling a breeze.

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