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Quick Overview

  • Ultimate Homebrewing Tool: This is the grain mill that serious homebrewers dream of, designed specifically to meet your most demanding brewing needs.
  • Exceptional Capacity: Load an entire sack's worth of grain into the spacious hopper, and witness it milled in under 5 minutes - a testament to its efficiency.
  • Precision Milling: Comes with 2" hardened steel rollers. An adjustable gap range from 0.011"–0.093" gives you full control over the milling process.
  • Efficient Dust Containment: Its stainless steel stand fits perfectly over a 6-gallon bucket, ensuring grain dust is effectively contained, preserving the cleanliness of your workspace.
  • Hygienic and Durable: The stainless steel lid not only keeps dust down but also ensures your hopper stays clean and ready for your next brewing batch.
  • Commercial-grade Safety: Made with a commercial-grade explosion-proof motor, offering both high performance and enhanced safety for peace of mind during operation.

Product Overview

If you aspire to build the ultimate homebrewery then you should really consider MoreBeer!'s Ultimate Grain Mill. With a stainless construction, 60lb grain hopper with lid, fully adjustable hardened steel rollers, and explosion proof motor this is the top-of-the-line grain mill for homebrewers and a great choice for a nano brewery.

The all stainless hopper holds a sack of malted grain. The included stainless lid keeps dust down and keeps your hopper clean for your next batch. The mill body itself is also made from stainless steel while the 2" diameter rollers are made from hardened steel for longevity. The rollers adjust on both sides providing for a consistent, even gap the length of the rollers. The rollers are knurled in a pattern that we have found over the years to deliver a great crush and consistent feed.

We use an explosion proof motor, found on commercial mills, because grain dust can ignite if a regular electric motor was to emit a spark. It is a measure of safety to give you and your family peace of mind. The switch on this unit has been upgraded with a sturdy cover, to further diminish the chance of sparking.

The stainless stand allows for a six gallon reception bucket to be slid under to collect cracked grain. Since grain dust is to be avoided in a brewery we make the bucket-to-stand fit perfectly tight to reduce dust in your brewery. A six gallon bucket will hold 25 pounds of grain, which we have found is a manageable size to lift. For larger batches you can mill into one bucket, turn off the mill, and continue milling into the next bucket.


  • 60 pound capacity stainless hopper with lid
  • Stainless mill body
  • 2" Fully Adjustable hardened steel rollers (Gap range of 0.011 - 0.093 inches)
  • Stainless stand
  • 1/3 hp explosion proof motor with on/off switch
  • 110v Motor pulls 6.6 Amps
  • 38"H x 27"L x 16"W
  • 15 lbs per minute throughput

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