Nukatap Counter Pressure Bottle Filler | Oxygen Purge Button | Telescopic Filling Stem | Slide-in-Faucet Design | Adapter for Direct Keg Connection | 8 mm Duotight - KL21760

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Quick Overview

  • Unbeatable value for a homebrew counter pressure bottle filler!
  • Fill bottles directly from your keg with virtually no CO2 loss
  • Purge oxygen from bottles before filling to preserve the quality of your beer
  • Accessory set included for multiple connection options — no expensive add-on items needed!
  • Duotight connections offer unparalleled customization and adaptability to your specific needs
  • Compatible with forward-sealing faucets — NukaTap, Intertap, Perlick 600-series and others

Product Overview

Running late but don't want to leave home without a couple of bottles of your latest creation? The Nukatap Counter Pressure Bottle Filler will have your precious cargo packed and ready at the drop of a hat! Slip it right into the nozzle of your Nukatap, Intertap, or other forward-sealing faucet to fill bottles right from the tap. Gas can be quickly connected using a bare end of 8 mm OD EVABarrier tubing, or connect the included Ball Lock Adapter to hook up gas using a Ball Lock Quick Disconnect. Not enough room under your draft tower? No problem! Like the gas-in port, you can swap out the push-in spout for the Duotight adapter, allowing you to connect tubing directly to the filler, or connect a Ball Lock Post Adapter and use a Ball Lock jumper line to fill right off your keg. While other fillers on the market force you to purchase upgrade accessories to improve functionality, the Nukatap Filler gives you more options to fill right from the get-go.

This unit is designed to fill multiple sizes of beer bottles up to 500 mL thanks to the telescopic filling stem. We recommend starting with it fully extended, then insert the stem till your at the bottom of the bottle, purge the bottle with CO2, then press the stem all the way in to form a seal on your bottle.

Counterpressure filling is the absolute best option for packaging beer from your keg without affecting its quality. Filling a growler straight from the tap is always an option, but if you want your beer to be at its best when you share it with the world, this is only way to go. The Nukatap Filler will make sure your brew doesn't pick up oxygen or lose carbonation in the filling process, keeping your creation in tip-top condition


  • All stainless steel counter pressure filler
  • Push-in spout compatible with forward-sealing faucets
  • (2) 8 mm Duotight adapters for filler and NukaTap spout
  • (2) Ball Lock Post Adapters (Red / Yellow)
  • 19.5" length of 8 mm OD x 5 mm ID EVABarrier tubing

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