Dual Gauge Nitrogen/Argon Regulator for CGA580 Valve

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Quick Overview

  • Primary beer, wine, and coffee regulator
  • 5/16" barb shut-off w/duckbill check, which prevents backflow of liquid into the regulator
  • 60 lb & 3000 lb gauges. This is a low pressure regulator. The dispensing pressure gauge goes to 60 PSI, however, the regulator has a working pressure of 0-50 PSI. It has a safety blow off around 55-60 PSI.
  • These regulators have a male thread CGA580 Inlet.
  • Black Bonnet with adjustment screw. Use a flat head screwdriver to adjust pressure.

Product Overview

This Taprite Nitrogen Regulator will allow you to add Nitro-Draft capability to your home dispense system!

Use this dual gauge nitrogen regulator to connect a tank of Beer Gas mix (70% Nitorgen/30% CO2) to your keg for an authentic nitro-pour! Traditionally used for stouts and porters, a nitro pour is becoming popular with more and more beer styles, lending its signature creamy mouthfeel and head to the beer. An amazing upgrade to any brewer's draft system.

Made in the USA by Taprite.

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