Taprite Dual Gauge Nitrogen Regulator 3/8"B, Shut off w/ Check Valve fits CGA 580 Valve

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Quick Overview

  • Use this regulator on any High Pressure Tank with a CGA-580 valve.
  • Nitrogen tanks have a female thread (CGA-580), these regulators have a male thread.
  • Double Gauge Regulators Measure PSI, as well as the Volume of Nitrogen in the Cylinder.
  • This regulator has a duck-bill check valve which prevents back flow of liquid into the regulator.
  • 1P1P, CGA580 Inlet, 5/16" Barb Shutoff w/Duckbill Check, 60lb and 3000lb gauges.

Product Overview

Dual-gauge, high-performance regulator for nitrogen use. straight nitrogen, G-mix or beer mix.

Get that eye-catching cascading effect by serving your Stouts & Porters with a nitrogen tank filled with beer gas mix!

  • Serve still beverages on draft with pure nitrogen or argon—serving still bevs with CO2 will lead to carbonation over time
  • Dual high-pressure and low-pressure gauges to easily reference cylinder pressure and output pressure
  • CGA580 inlet compatible with standard US nitrogen and argon tanks
  • Made in the USA. Taprite is one of leading manufacturers of gas regulators and draft dispensing equipment
  • One-way shutoff valve outlet protects your regulator from backflow and can be turned on/off to stop gas flow without needing to close your tank

This Taprite Nitrogen Regulator will allow you to add Nitro-Draft capability to your home dispense system!

Use this dual gauge nitrogen regulator to connect a tank of Beer Gas mix (70% Nitorgen/30% CO2) to your keg for an authentic nitro-pour! Traditionally used for stouts and porters, a nitro pour is becoming popular with more and more beer styles, lending its signature creamy mouthfeel and head to the beer. An amazing upgrade to any brewer's draft system.

Made in the USA by Taprite. 5/16" barb.

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