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Product Overview

LalBrew™ New England is the perfect dry yeast for your Hazy IPA. The flagship yeast of Lallemand's new LalBrew™ line of products, this American East Coast ale yeast will accentuate all the tropical, fruity flavors and aromas you expect in a New England-style IPA.

LalBrew™ New England is a ready-to-use dried strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, specially selected for its specific ability to allow hop flavors and aromas to remain prominent while also providing the fruity notes brewers seek when brewing “East Coast” style ales.

A typical fermentation with LalBrew™ New England will produce tropical and fruity esters, notably stone fruits like peach. LalBrew™ New England exhibits medium to high attenuation with medium flocculation, making it a perfect choice for East Coast style ales.

Beer Styles: East Coast Style Ales
Aroma: Fruity, especially stone fruit
Attenuation: Medium to High
Fermentation Range: 59-72°F
Flocculation: Medium
Alcohol Tolerance: 9% ABV

Please Note: LalBrewTM New England will rapidly lose activity after exposure to air. Do not use 500g packs that have lost vacuum. Opened packs must be re-closed, stored in dry conditions below 39°F, and used within 3 days. If the opened package is re-vacuum sealed immediately after opening, yeast can be stored for up to two weeks below 39°F.

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