5lb Lactose

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Quick Overview

  • Non-fermentable sugar used to add body and sweetness to brown beers and stouts.
  • Can be used in boil.

Product Overview

Experience a new level of control over your brewing process with our premium lactose. Less sweet than traditional cane sugar, it doesn't ferment under yeast, making it perfect for brewers looking to add a touch of sweetness to their dry or bitter creations. Popular in the crafting of rich sweet stouts (milk stouts), lactose enhances the body and taste of your brew.

With lactose, adding sweetness to your beer or wine is as simple as mixing a small amount into your brew and tasting. You have the freedom to keep adding until you hit your desired flavor note. And the best part? There's no waiting period or need for additional fermentation, meaning you can bottle your brew immediately. For the best results, dissolve the lactose in hot water before adding it to your beer or wine, preferably at the end of fermentation and before bottling.

Usage guidelines suggest 8 oz. per 5 gallons, but remember - it's all about brewing to taste. Commonly referred to as milk sugar, lactose offers an innovative way to tweak the sweetness of your brews, granting you the freedom to create precisely the beverage you envision.

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