Italian Floor Corker - Wine Bottle Corker by Ferrari

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Quick Overview

  • Made in Italy: Manufactured by the renowned Ferrari brand, ensuring high-quality and durable construction.
  • Improved Plastic Jaws: Equipped with resilient plastic jaws for smooth and reliable corking performance, outlasting Brass jaws.
  • Easy Assembly: Ships in a compact box and requires minimal assembly, making it user-friendly.
  • Adjustable Nut: Features an adjustable nut on the plunger, allowing for precise control of the cork's height in the bottle.
  • Versatility: Works exceptionally well with standard and Belgian corks, making it a versatile addition to your brewing toolkit.
  • Efficiency: Designed to simplify and expedite the bottling process, increasing your brewing efficiency.

Product Overview

Introducing our premium Italian Floor Corker, intricately crafted by the renowned Ferrari artisans in Italy. This top-of-the-line corker is designed to provide unparalleled ease and efficiency, making the bottling process a breeze. The device arrives boxed and requires only minor assembly before use.

This corker ensures seamless and consistent performance, guaranteeing every bottle is perfectly sealed to maintain the freshness and flavor of its contents. The adjustable nut on the plunger allows for precise height modification of the cork in the bottle, providing optimal control and customization to suit your needs.

Beyond standard use, this versatile device also pairs exceptionally well with our Belgian Corks, enhancing the flexibility of your brewing operations. Experience the luxury and efficiency of our Italian Floor Corker and elevate your brewing journey to new heights.

Please Note: This corker is not suitable for use with synthetic corks, as the corker will crease the side of the cork during insertion which leads to a leak once the bottle is laid down for storage. See W408 if using synthetic corks.

  • Minimum Bottle height: 9 in.
  • Maximum bottle Height: 15 in.
  • Minimum Cork Size: 22x38mm
  • Maximum Cork Size: 30x45mm

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