Perlick Style Forward Sealing Draft Beer Faucet, Chrome Plated Brass by Intertap

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Quick Overview

  • Forward-sealing technology, paralleling the renowned Perlicks for optimal performance.
  • Modular threaded spout design, adaptable to diverse attachments like growler fillers or stout spouts.
  • Superior to rear-sealing faucets, ensuring minimal residue, simplified cleaning, and flavor preservation.
  • Utilizes a sliding shuttle system, guaranteeing a flawless o-ring seal every time, outclassing faucets reliant on floating o-rings.
  • Highly interchangeable spout system, ensuring smooth transitions between pint and growler fillings.
  • Constructed from durable and elegant chrome-plated brass.

Product Overview

Experience unparalleled dispensing with the Intertap Faucet – a forward-sealing masterpiece crafted with precision, rivaling the esteemed Perlicks. Designed with versatility in mind, its modular threaded spout seamlessly accommodates a spectrum of attachments, be it a growler filler or a robust stout spout.

Bid farewell to the hassles of traditional rear-sealing faucets that demand complete draining. With the Intertap's innovative forward-sealing mechanism, beer remains within, effectively preventing internal residue and stickiness. This not only streamlines cleaning but also crucially diminishes the potential of unwanted flavors tainting your pour.

While many forward-sealing models bank on a floating o-ring that deteriorates with age, the Intertap sets itself apart. Harnessing a sliding shuttle system, it impeccably aligns the o-ring for an ideal seal with every use.

Modular: switch between spouts, from filling a pint to a growler, all in a snap. And, to crown its merits, its chrome-plated brass construction exudes durability with a touch of elegance.

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