Adhesive Homebrew Thermometer - Stick on Fermometer

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Quick Overview

  • Instant Accuracy: Easily monitor your brew's temperature just by glancing at the Fermometer.
  • Precise Measurement: A detailed scale ranging from 44–86°F, a detail absent in many generic brands.
  • Lager & Ale Guidance: Suggested temperature ranges for Lager and Ale are printed directly on the Fermometer, assisting in optimal brewing.
  • Detail Oriented: Distinguish between fine temperature differences, such as 72° and 73°F, ensuring precise readings.
  • Reliable & Consistent: While other thermometers can fluctuate by up to 4°F, the Fermometer's precision remains unswerving.
  • Enhance Your Brew: A single-degree variance in temperature can alter your beer's final flavor. With Fermometer, make every brew your best.
  • For Record Keepers: Even without temperature control, track and log exact fermentation temperatures to refine your brewing technique over time.

Product Overview

Unlock the secret to impeccable fermentation with the Fermometer, every homebrewer's go-to thermometer. The significance of maintaining the right temperature during fermentation cannot be overstated, given its pivotal role in yeast performance. The Fermometer, designed with advanced liquid crystal technology, offers you instant clarity. Simply attach it to your carboy, bucket, or stainless conical and get a quick, accurate read on your brew's temperature.

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