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Product Overview

Jockey boxes are portable dispensing systems used to cool beer as it travels in-line from your keg to the faucet. Our jockey box design is especially useful for the homebrewer! You can take it camping, tailgating, or just pull it out when the gang is over. It’s not too heavy to lug around, it’s sturdy, and it’s easy to clean! Add ice water to the cooler, & your beer will pour cold for hours!
The Jockey Box includes an insulated cooler, two 50' x 3/8'' stainless steel coils, two faucets, two shanks, beer line and clamps. The innovation in our jockey box design is that we use larger 3/8" OD stainless steel tubing. This has two advantages over designs offered by other companies:
Our draft system cools a greater volume of beer, and cools it faster. The coil will hold approximately 33 oz of beer at a time.
Our larger diameter coil offers less resistance, which lets you push the beer with less applied pressure. Our boxes require about same pressure you use in a typical kegerator, making it easy to take a keg from your kegerator to the picnic and back without having to worry about the carbonation level or serving pressure of the keg.
Rather than installing shanks on the back side of our boxes, we drill holes slightly smaller than the tubing diameter so that a tight seal is created but you can still pull the line into the cooler when not in use without tools. This makes transport & storage very convenient.
You will need to purchase the appropriate keg connections for your needs, be it commercial or homebrew quick disconnects. You will also need a CO2 system to push the beer out of your kegs.

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