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Experience the authentic essence of traditional brewing with our Diamond Lager yeast, a genuine lager strain imported directly from its homeland in Germany. Renowned for its robust nature and its ability to craft pristine, true-to-style lagers, this yeast is a game-changer in the world of brewing.

The Diamond Lager yeast is incredibly versatile, making it a perfect match for an extensive array of styles. From the bright and crisp Munich Helles and Vienna Lager, to the robust American Pilsner and Oktoberfest, and even the dark, intriguing Shwarzbier and California common - this yeast beautifully captures the unique soul of each brew.

What sets Lallemand's Diamond Lager yeast apart is its remarkable efficiency. It showcases high attenuation and high flocculation, enabling it to consume most of the fermentable sugars, resulting in a dryer and higher alcohol beer, while also clustering together after fermentation for easy removal.

Yet, despite its hard-working nature, the Diamond Lager yeast remains respectful of your brew's individuality. It maintains a neutral flavor and aroma profile, subtly enhancing the character of your ingredients without introducing its own. This lets your chosen malts and hops take center stage, resulting in lagers that are rich, complex, and unmistakably authentic.

With Lallemand's Diamond Lager yeast, you're not just brewing a beer - you're crafting a tribute to traditional lager brewing. Revel in the process and savor the result, each sip a testament to your brewing prowess and passion.

Beer Styles: Lagers

Aroma: Neutral
Attenuation: High
Fermentation Range: 50-59°F
Flocculation: High
Alcohol Tolerance: 13% ABV

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