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Quick Overview

  • Allows a standard window air conditioner to cool a room to 34 F! 
  • Build your own walk-in cooler – trusted by farmers, florists, hunters, brewers, restaurants, convenience stores, mortuaries, and more    
  • Installs in minutes – no tools or electrical knowledge required    
  • Guaranteed or your money back – join over 50,000 satisfied customers     
  • Recommended by major university extension programs    
  • Made in the USA

Gen. 7 Model Available!
NEW WiFi Enabled CoolBot Pro Walk-In Cooler Controller

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Product Overview

A CoolBot allows a standard air conditioner to cool a room or space down to 35 degrees F.  Installs with no tools or electrical knowledge required.  

Standard A/C units available from any hardware or appliance store have lots of power but they are electronically limited so that they cannot go below 60 degrees F. This is because they would freeze up. Commercial refrigeration for walk in coolers combat freeze with increased surface area on the fins as well as fans. Instead the Cool bot technology uses multiple sensors, a heating element and programmed micro-controller to control your air conditioner in such a way that the unit can go below 60F and not freeze up.  The Coolbot cannot give you 100% of the btus listed on your air conditioner nor is suitable for large brewery or winery walk ins. It is perfect for wine cellars, beer storage, fermentation, etc. 

Easy to install within 30 minutes with no tools or electrical knowleged required. While we can't tell you exactly what size space you can cool because of ambient temperatures and insulation factors, we recommend you google Coolbot. They have sold over 50,000 of these so there are lots of reviews and actual installs out there. We offer free shipping on this unit, ship fast from both coasts, and have great customer service.  

This type of system is also very efficient. Most commercial systems are power hogs with large fans that are always running.  Residential A/C units are made for efficiency. The Coolbot will also shut down the compressor for short time when the unit is running at its highest level of inneficiency, as it nears freeze up.  

  • Dims of the CoolBot are 6.5x3.5x1.5 in. 

 Introducing the Revolutionary CoolBot    

Build your own walk-in cooler using just a window air conditioner, a well-insulated room and the CoolBot. Over 45,000 units sold and used in 70 countries around the world.

Build Your Own Walk-in Cooler    

Easy to install and set, the CoolBot allows you to cool a well-insulated room from 59 degrees F down to 34 degrees F, saving $1,000s compared to traditional cooling systems.

How It Works    

The CoolBot is a patented microcontroller that enables your air conditioner to chill a well insulated room or trailer down to 34 degrees F.

Simple Install    

Get up and running quickly. The CoolBot only takes minutes to install and set; no power tools or hardwiring required.

Affordable Refrigeration Solution    

The CoolBot system saves $1,000s compared to traditional refrigeration systems in initial setup, maintenance and energy costs.

 Great For

 For the WiFi-enabled model, see the CoolBot Pro.

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