Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator | High Performance Primary Regulator | 0-50 PSI Working Pressure | CGA320 Inlet | One Way Shutoff Valve | 5/16" Barb Outlet

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Quick Overview

  • High-quality CO2 regulator by Taprite, favored by breweries and beer bars globally.
  • Available in standard single-body or dual-body models for multiple keg pressure control.
  • Large front knob allows for tool-free, swift, and straightforward pressure adjustments.
  • Features a built-in gasket to minimize the need for fiber washer replacements.
  • The barbed outlet includes a one-way on/off valve for backflow prevention and regulator protection.
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauges, ranging from 0 to 60 psi. Optional gauge cage available for added protection.
  • The high-performance T742HP model ensures consistent operation even with multiple taps running.
  • Reliable and consistent pressure regulation with no 'drift' or 'creep', ensuring precise brewing conditions.

Product Overview

Upgrade your brewing setup with our top pick for CO2 regulators - the Taprite T742HP. Favored by breweries and beer bars worldwide, this model blends top-notch quality with affordability, offering incredible value for your investment. Whether you need a standard, single-body model or a dual-body variant that can send different pressures to two different kegs from the same CO2 tank, we've got you covered.

Discover what sets the Taprite T742HP apart:

  • User-Friendly Adjustment: A large front knob allows for tool-free, easy, and fast pressure adjustment, taking the hassle out of the process.
  • Durable Connection: The built-in gasket at the regulator's connection to the CO2 tank eliminates the need for constant fiber washer replacements with each tank change, saving you time and effort.
  • Safe and Efficient Outlet: The barbed outlet comes equipped with a one-way on/off valve that prevents backflow and safeguards the regulator's internal components.
  • Clear, Readable Gauges: Easily monitor your pressure levels with readable gauges. The low-pressure gauge reads from 0 to 60 psi. For extra protection, we also offer an optional gauge cage, touted as the best in the market.
  • High-Performance Model: The 'HP' in T742HP signifies high performance. This model won't freeze up, even when multiple taps are running simultaneously, ensuring consistent, reliable operation.
  • Steady Pressure Regulation: Say goodbye to pressure 'creep'. This unit maintains a steadfast pressure, ensuring no drifts for precise, consistent results.

With the Taprite T742HP CO2 Regulator, step up your brewing game with a tool that promises consistency, efficiency, and ease of use. Experience the difference today.

    Built by Taprite, an American company. 
    • Taprite is the world’s largest producer of CO2 regulators. They are a preferred supplier of beverage dispense equipment for the soft drink and beer industry for over 75 years.

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