CM Becker Check Valved Ball Lock Disconnect Gas In - Flare

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Quick Overview

  • Enhanced Safety: With the built-in check valve, this disconnect ensures that liquid never enters your gas lines, preventing any mishaps and keeping your brewing setup safe.

  • Ideal for Force Carbonation: Especially handy if you force carbonate your beer using the bev out dip tube. This fitting guarantees a smooth and efficient carbonation process without any worries about liquid backflow.

  • Practical for Diverse Setups: While many manifolds and regulators might already have check valves, our gas in ball lock fitting takes it a step further by adding an extra layer of protection, leaving no room for any unwanted surprises.

  • Personal Experience: We understand the frustration of having beer shoot back into our gas lines. That's why we stand by this ingenious fitting, which has proven to be a game-changer for our own brewing experiences.

Product Overview

Sleep a little easier knowing that this gas in ball lock fitting is equipped with a built-in check valve, designed to provide ultimate protection for your gas system. The internal check valve allows gas to flow out smoothly, while preventing any backflow of liquid into your gas lines. Say goodbye to the potential hazards of liquid entering your gas system and embrace a worry-free brewing experience.

Put an end to the risk of liquid entering your gas system. Upgrade to the Gas In Ball Lock with Built-In Check Valve and enjoy peace of mind during every brew. Embrace worry-free brewing and experience the difference today!


  • Internal Check Valve protects your system from liquid back flow
  • Made in Germany and assembled in the USA by CMB.
  • Extremely high quality for years of service.
  • NSF Approved for Food Grade Service!

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