Chitosan Fining Agent 1 Liter

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Product Overview

Chitosan is an old and trusted fining agent derived from chitin, a polysaccharide found in crustacean shells. When added to wine or beer, a mild electrostatic attraction binds yeast and other particulates to the Chitosan. This accelerates the sedimentation process (flocculation), clarifying the beverage more quickly and effectively. Chitosan does not require the presence of tannins in the beverage, making it a good choice for clarifying white wines or other pale beverages. Chitosan is often used in conjunction with other fining agents, especially colloidal silica products.

The Chitosan in this product is a shellfish derivative.

Recommended usage: Gently stir Chitosan into the beverage. Allow 12-48 hours to clear. Normal dosage rates range between 150-200 mL/HL. Use 1.0-1.3 fl oz to dose a 5 gallon batch. Trials are recommended to determine the most appropriate dosage.

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