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Quick Overview

  • Simple and Efficient Design: Easily turns a PET growler or soda bottle into a mini keg system.
  • PCO 1881 Threading: Offers universal compatibility with most common plastic soda bottles.
  • Versatile Connections: Includes both female and male threaded ends for diverse attachment possibilities.
  • Customizable Dispensing: Allows the attachment of 3/16" ID tubing as a dip tube.
  • Compatible with EVABarrier Tubing: Can be effortlessly connected using a Duotight reducer.
  • Portable Convenience: Perfect for camping, picnics, or any outdoor events where fresh beverages are desired.

Product Overview

Unlock new possibilities in your beverage dispensing with our ingenious tee fitting. This accessory is designed to convert a PET growler or repurposed soda bottle into a pressurizable growler or mini keg system. With its simple yet effective design, your favorite drinks can be taken and enjoyed anywhere.

Featuring PCO 1881 threading on all ends, the most commonly used threading for plastic soda bottles, it ensures a perfect fit. One end is female threaded to attach securely to your vessel, while the other ends are male threaded, ready to accept two Carbonation Cap Ball Lock Adapters.

Add a small length of 3/16" ID tubing to your bev-out cap, and it becomes the dip tube for your system. And if you're using EVABarrier tubing, connection is a breeze with a Duotight reducer.

Whether you're a homebrew enthusiast, an adventurer, or simply someone who loves fresh carbonated beverages, this tee fitting offers an elegant solution for enjoying your brew on the go.

Note: Tee fitting only. Does not include Carbonation Caps or PET bottles.

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