BLC Beverage Line Cleaner, Alkaline Based Draft Line Cleaner

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Quick Overview

  • Designed to Clean your Kegerator & Kegerator Kits Beer Lines
  • Specifically designed to clean food grade beer lines
  • Used to replace the cleaners that come with standard cleaning kits
  • 32 oz bottle is good for up to 64 cleanings

Product Overview

BLC, also known as Beer Line Cleaner, is a preferred alkaline based draft line cleaner. Used to remove bacteria and loosen mineral deposits from beverage lines, faucets, etc.. Can be used with all type of cleaning systems and al types of draft set ups including long draw commercial systems, homebrew set ups, kegerators, draft box lines, etc.. Can be used with cold or warm water. No hazardous shipping.   

Instructions for use:     

  1. Add ½ oz BLC for each quart of water.
  2. Drain out beer and run solution into line.     
  3. Circulate or let stand in lines for at least 15 minutes     
  4. Flush cleaning solution from line and rinse well with clean water.

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