High Pressure Cast Iron Banjo Burner

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Quick Overview

Many people have asked us for a BTU for this cast iron propane burner. The actual cast iron element (burner) does not determine the BTUs. The regulator determines the BTUs. You can use the 20 PSI and 30 PSI regulator kit with it.

  • 10 inch diameter and 15 inch length
  • Includes air shutter and spring.
  • Includes orifice.
  • May be used with 20 and 30 PSI regulator.
  • BTU rating determined by the PSIs of your regulator.

Product Overview

This cast iron wide-profile banjo burner is strong and efficient, topping our ratings in getting wort to a quick boil, while using the same amount or less of propane. Adjusted for efficiency this banjo burner produces around 70,000 btu, and in full, this banjo burner mode produces 100,000 btu.

Banjo burners can often times have issues when using with low flame output. We sourced and tested a number of different units, before settling on this one, which performs great at low output.

  • Uses 3/8" male flare fitting (included).
  • Comes with steel orifice plate for regulating airflow
  • The burner has a 9 7/8" diameter and is 14 3/4" long
  • This banjo burner requires a propane regulator to function properly. We recommend a Wind Guard with these units if brewing outdoors. If using indoors, you must have proper ventilation in the form of an overhead cooking hood.

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