Twin Bubble S-Shaped Airlock for Beer & Wine Fermentation

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Quick Overview

  • PREVENT BACK-FLUSH: Use the S-Shape Bubble Airlock for Fermenting, Exhaust Seal Valves – Beer Wine Making Fermentation to prevent back-flush in the fermentation chamber (cut off outside air oxidation and allow gas to escape)
  • BREW YOUR FAVORITE BEVERAGES: For secondary fermentation of homebrewed beer, wine, cider, juice, and more; Can be used for long-term repeated use on fermenters typically up to 20 gallons
  • EASY TO USE: Fill part-way with water in the exhaust valve, affix to the fermenter with a brew barrel cover or rubber plug/stopper on the top of the fermentation container, and cover with a lid; Instead of unattractive and poor quality drilled holes in the cap, these airlocks release CO2 through the ridges inside the cap that keep it from forming a complete seal
  • WATCH THE MAGIC HAPPEN: Clear, transparent plastic standard traditional fermentation airlock that gives you a clear look inside, so you can watch the airlock do the hard work for you

Product Overview

S-shaped airlocks are the "OG" airlocks for home beer and winemaking. They make it easy to spot fermentation activity, and have no loose peices to lose.

The advantage of this type of airlock is that they have a smaller chamber so you can more closely observe the CO2 rising and therefore the rate of fermentation. They are also handy when you are cooling a beer as there is less chance of sucking airlock water back into the fermentation. They cannot be cleaned manually if they get dirty during the ferment. That is why many homebrewers prefer 3-piece airlocks for the active portion of the ferment, when the krausen (foam) from fermentation might be pushed up into the airlock.

Please Note: Stopper Not Included.

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