KegLand 35L/9 gallon DigiBoil Wax Melter - Gen 2 - 110V

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Quick Overview

  • Precise temperature control with digital controller
  • Impressive 35L (9.25 gallon) capacity for large-scale production
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Concealed heating elements for safety
  • Dual wattage settings (500/1900 Watts) for versatile use
  • Delayed start feature and boil-dry protection for added safety
  • Designed for efficient and high-quality wax melting
  • Temperature Range: 32°F - 212°F

Product Overview

Discover a new level of ease and precision with the KegLand DigiBoil Wax Melter. This versatile, high-performance tool is designed with the dedicated hobbyist or small business in mind. Whether you're making candles, lip balms, or other wax-based products, the DigiBoil Wax Melter offers an exceptional melting solution.

At the heart of this device is its digital controller, which allows for precise temperature adjustments, providing you with unparalleled control over the melting process. This key feature ensures a consistent and smooth melting of your wax, contributing to a high-quality end product.

With an impressive 35L (9.25 gallon) capacity, the DigiBoil Wax Melter allows for efficient and large-scale production. Its sturdy stainless-steel body ensures durability and longevity, while its concealed heating elements prevent any possible contact burns.

The DigiBoil Wax Melter features dual wattage settings (500/1000 Watts) for flexibility in your production needs. Its safety-oriented design includes a delayed start feature and a boil-dry protection, making it a reliable choice for your crafting needs.

Invest in the KegLand DigiBoil Wax Melter for a safer, more efficient, and more precise way to melt your wax. It is not just a tool—it is a game-changer in your wax crafting process.

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