EZ Cap 12 PACK 16 oz. Amber Homebrew Swing Top Flip Cap Chef Star Grolsch Style Bottles

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Quick Overview

FLIP TOP BREWING BOTTLES - The airtight bottles seal with a plastic gasket, lid, and a wire bale allow for a hermetic seal. Stopper opens and closes easily.    

REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES - Chef's Star swing top amber glass bottle has a multipurpose uses. From serving beer, wine, water, tea, liquor or kombucha to storing sauces, vinegar, oil and more.    

HEAVY DUTY GLASS - Each bottle can contain 16 ounces of liquid and is made from an exceptionally durable, pressure-rated amber glass.    

ECO-FRIENDLY & KEEP FRESH - Bottles made of nontoxic materials are 100% recyclable and environmentally responsible. Flip Caps also provide a super strong, leak proof seal and ensure content inside as fresh and delicious as the day you stored it.    

VALUE PACK CASE OF 12 – This style of bottle is also commonly referred to as a Grolsch style bottle and known as swingtop, come in case of 12. The simple yet elegant design of these bottles will look beautiful resting on your kitchen counter.

Product Overview

These swing top bottles are a revolution in Beer Bottling!  The convenience of a swing top, hybridized with the storage capabilities of a standard crown cap; Meet the EZ Cap Bottle.  These swing tops are designed to be primarily sealed with a crown cap closure for long term storage.  Once you crack your brew for consumption however, you have the swing top in place to close it back up if need be!  Whether you're too distracted with other fine brews to taste, or just need to wait your turn at the beer pong table, this is a perfect system for you. 

E-Z cap bottles are designed to withstand pressure up to 125 psi for the cap and up to 145 psi for the bottle. This means that the bottle and the cap have been tested to withstand pressure up to these levels without failing or leaking. It is important to note that these pressure ratings apply to the bottle and cap when they are used properly and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Using the bottle or cap in a manner that exceeds these pressure ratings can lead to failure or leakage, which can be dangerous. It is always important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines to ensure safe and proper use of any product.

Case of 12 x 16 oz Amber EZ Cap swing top bottles and 12 Swing Tops. 

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