Why Weyermann Malt?

Why Weyermann Malt?

As a brewer, the quality of your beer largely depends on the ingredients you use. And when it comes to malt, choosing the right brand is crucial. There are many malt brands in the market, but one that stands out is Weyermann malt.

Weyermann malt is a family-owned business based in Bamberg, Germany, and has been producing high-quality malt since 1879. The company has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the best malt in the world, and for good reason. Here are some reasons why customers should choose Weyermann over any other malt brand.


Quality is at the heart of everything Weyermann does. The company has a strict quality control process that starts with selecting the best barley from local farmers. They use traditional floor malting techniques, which allow for better control over the malt's quality and flavor. Their malts are also GMO-free, and they only use natural ingredients in their production process.


Weyermann offers a wide range of malt varieties to suit any brewer's needs. From their classic Pilsner and Vienna malts to more specialized malts like the smoked Beechwood malt or the roasted Caraaroma malt, they have something for everyone. Their malts are also available in different formats, including whole kernel, crushed, or roasted.



Weyermann is committed to sustainable and responsible business practices. They source their barley from local farmers, which reduces their carbon footprint and supports the local community. They also have their wastewater treatment plant, which ensures that their production process has minimal impact on the environment.


In conclusion, Weyermann malt is a top-notch brand that offers high-quality, versatile, and sustainable malt to brewers worldwide. Their commitment to quality, variety, customer service, and sustainability sets them apart from other malt brands. Whether you're a home brewer or a commercial brewery, choosing Weyermann malt will undoubtedly elevate the quality of your beer.