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Quick Overview

Startup™ is a non-DAP containing nutrient blend of vitamins and minerals, Startup™ provides the balanced nutrition for complete fermentation. It is also useful for stimulating slow or sluggish ferments.

Product Overview

Startup was formulated to provide all of the complex nutrition in Superfood, but without inorganic nitrogen (DAP).


  • Rehydrating dry yeast

  • You want all the micro-nutrients and minerals in Superfood but want to use your own DAP

  • Your substrate already has enough nitrogen

  • Reinoculating stuck ferments

  • Contains: yeast hulls, yeast extract, complex minerals and vitamins. Contains no inorganic nitrogen (DAP)


  • High risk ferments:

    • 350 ppm (3#/1000)

  • Yeast rehydration:

    • 50 g/L rehydration water

See addition chart to adjust addition rates with measured initial YAN

Supplies 6 ppm YAN at 1 # per 1000G (12 g/hL)




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