55lb Finest Golden Promise

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Quick Overview

  • High-Quality Malt: The Simpsons Finest Golden Promise 55lb is made from high-quality barley that is sourced directly from Scotland. This gives the malt a unique flavor profile that is perfect for brewing a wide range of beer styles.
  • Great for All-Grain Brewing: This malt is a great choice for all-grain brewers who are looking to create their own unique beer recipes. It is versatile and can be used as a base malt or combined with other specialty malts to create complex flavor profiles.
  • Rich Flavor: The malt is kilned at a low temperature to preserve its natural enzymes and create a rich, malty flavor. This makes it perfect for creating English-style ales, stouts, and porters.
  • High Yield: The Simpsons Finest Golden Promise 55lb is a highly efficient malt that produces a high yield of fermentable sugars. This means that you can use less malt and still achieve the same alcohol content in your beer.
  • Convenient Size: The 55lb size is perfect for serious homebrewers who want to keep a large supply of high-quality malt on hand. It also offers a great value compared to smaller sizes.

Product Overview


Introducing the Simpsons Finest Golden Promise 55lb, a high-quality malted barley that has been carefully crafted to bring out the best in your homebrews. This malt is perfect for a wide range of beer styles, including Scottish ales, porters, stouts, and more.

Crafted from carefully selected two-row spring barley, this malt offers a rich, sweet flavor with notes of biscuit and honey. The malt is also kilned to provide a light color with a slight orange hue, adding a touch of complexity to your beer.

With its high enzyme content, the Simpsons Finest Golden Promise 55lb is perfect for both single-infusion and multi-step mashing, allowing you to create a wide range of beer styles with ease. It also boasts excellent extract potential, making it an efficient choice for homebrewers looking to get the most out of their ingredients.

The Simpsons Finest Golden Promise 55lb is also incredibly versatile, making it suitable for use as a base malt or in combination with other specialty malts. Whether you're a seasoned homebrewer or just starting out, this malt is sure to become a staple in your brewing arsenal.

Packaged in a convenient 55lb bag, the Simpsons Finest Golden Promise is a cost-effective option for homebrewers who want to take their beers to the next level. And with its superior quality and consistency, you can trust that this malt will help you achieve the perfect brew every time.

Malt Type:

  • Base

  • Grain Origin:
  • United Kingdom

  • Wort Color:
  • 2.1-2.8 °Lovibond (4-6 EBC)

  • Protein:
  • 9.5%

  • Moisture:
  • 3.5% max.

  • Extract (dry):
  • 81% min.

  • Usage:
  • 100% max.
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