PLAATO Valve V2 - Pressure Drop Equalizing Valve for Airlocks with Anti Suck Back

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Quick Overview

  • ELIMINATES SUCK-BACK. Insures that you will not encounter suck-back during low fermentation temperatures, cold crashing or lagering.
  • EMPTY AIRLOCK PROTECTION. No suck-back minimizes the chance of an empty airlock & air entering.
  • TRANSFER PROTECTION. The Plaato Valve lets you keep the airlock on while transferring to kegs or bottles and avoiding suck-back.
  • WORKS WITH CO2 GAS BAG. Designed to connect to a CO2/inert gas bag that helps to avoid oxidizing the brew during fermentation.
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN. The Plaato Valve has a design that makes sure it fits most airlocks.

Product Overview

PLAATO Valve - Pressure Drop Equalizing Valve 
Connecting between your fermenter and airlock/or blow-off-tube, it equalizes any negative pressure that might be present in the system, eliminating suckback.

Especially developed for brewers 

The PLAATO Valve is made out of FDA-approved food grade PP and has an incorporated umbrella silicon valve as working principle. It comes ready with optional 65PPI activated carbon filters for the inlet (16pcs), and fits most airlocks and fermenters.

How it works 

Many brewers experiences suddenly empty airlocks, or water flowing from the blow-off vessel to the fermenter. This phenomena is due to temperature changes that in turn lead to negative pressure in the fermenter. This is seen the moment a fermenter is placed in a temperature controlled room after pitching of yeast, or during cold crash. To offset this negative pressure, the fermenter will either suck in water from an airlock, or suck in air, or in some rare cases implode under the forces of this pressure. In most cases air will be introduced in the fermenter in the hours before the fermentation starts, and during cold crash.

Oxygen-free fermentation 

As stated above, rapid changes in temperature will always introduce air, water or partial implosion in/to the fermenter. In order to obtain a non-oxidizing atmosphere, the headspace in the fermenter must therefore be flushed with CO2. For cold-crash, the oxygen in the headspace is already replaced by CO2, so introduction of small amounts of oxygen is not a significant source of oxidation. If you are aiming for an oxygen-free fermentation, the Plaato valve is designed to be connectable to a bag containing CO2/inert gas, maintaining a non-oxidizing atmosphere in the fermenter.

Fits all Airlocks

Three Piece Airlock Mason Jar Blowoff Two Piece (S-shaped) Airlock

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