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Quick Overview

  • Serve beer on the go with the JetKeg Keg Backpack
  • Fits up to a 5-gallon homebrew keg or sixtel commercial keg
  • Made with durable buckles and strong nylon shoulder and waist straps
  • Fully insulated to keep your keg colder for longer
  • Includes the Pluto Beverage Gun and EVABArrier tubing for dispensing

Product Overview

Mobile draft dispensing has a whole new meaning with the JetKeg Backpack from KegLand. Strap a keg to your back and walk through a crowd, dispensing delicious beer as you go. You'll have more followers than the fabled Pied Piper in no time. The backpack is fully insulated to keep your keg colder for longer, and features hot tape sealed seams on the inside to prevent leaking. If you've ever felt too anchored down serving beer from yet another booth at the festival, the JetKeg is the solution. Load up a 5-gallon homebrew keg or sixtel sanke keg and join the fray!

The JetKeg Backpack comes with the Pluto Beverage Gun, a precut length of EVABarrier tubing, and Duotight reducer to connect the tubing to the Pluto Gun. It does not include any gas side equipment, and you will need additional fittings depending on whether you'll be using it with a homebrew keg or commercial keg.


  • JetKeg Backpack
  • 1 x Black Nylon Pluto Gun (Duotight compatible)
  • 1 x 6.5mm x 8mm Duotight Reducer (for Pluto Gun)
  • 1 x Precut length of 4mm x 8mm EVABarrier tubing

Please note the example photos show accessories that are not included with the JetKeg. Does not include keg, gas fittings, keg coupler, CO2 cartridges or cylinder.

For Ball Lock Kegs, we recommend using the Mini CO2 Regulator Kit with a 74 g cartridge for your gas supply. Then use a flared ball lock disconnect with Duotight x Flare adpater to connect the Pluto Beer Gun to your bev out post.

For Sanke Kegs,  we recommend using the Mini CO2 Regulator Kit with a 74 g cartridge for your gas supply. The Mini Regulator can connect to a D-Style keg coupler with the Gas-In Sanke to Ball Lock Adapter. The Pluto Beer Gun can be connected to the keg coupler beverage out with the Duotight x Beer Thread adapter.

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