Honey - Clover 5 gal

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Quick Overview

Clover honey gives a strong floral aroma with secondary notes of white wine and apple and subtle tropical fruit at a moderate to strong intensity. Pure varietal, sourced from the United States.

Product Overview

Pack size: 60 lbs.

Usage guidelines: Dilute with hot water or wort to help pouring and dispersion. Mechanical agitation or recirculation can help.

Hot side additions have been noted to result in a slight decrease in perceived bitterness; cold side additions will typically maximize honey character and may lead to a slight increase in ester-derived flavors.

For hot side additions, add honey to the whirlpool when temperature is below boiling.

For cold side additions, add honey after yeast has been cropped and/or post-dry hopping.

Usage rate: Dependent on style. Fermentations with high usage rates of honey (>20% total extract) will benefit from supplementary nutrient additions – we recommend Superfood.

Storage: Steady room temperature in an airtight container for up to 2 years.

Crystallization: Crystallization is a natural and spontaneous phenomenon where glucose separates from water and comes out of solution. This does not affect honey quality. Honey resists crystallization best at temperatures above 77°F/25°C. Crystallized honey can be heated in a water bath to return it to its liquid state.

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