Homebrew Kegging Kit | Ball Lock Keg | Slimline Torpedo Keg | Premium Dual Gauge Regulator | Easy Push Connect Fittings

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Quick Overview

  • Everything you need to start enjoying your delicious beer on draft!
  • No longer will you need to clean, sanitize, fill, and cap 50+ beer bottles
  • Includes brand new KOMOS CO2 Cylinder and robust KOMOS Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator
  • Featuring the hottest homebrew keg around—the all-stainless, stackable Torpedo Keg
  • EVABarrier beer & gas line with Duotight Quick Disconnects and adapter fittings

Product Overview

The KOMOS Homebrew Kegging Kit has everything you need to start enjoying your delicious creations on draft. Whether you've brewed one batch or one hundred batches, you're already familiar with the laborious process of bottling your beer. Cleaning, sanitizing, filling and capping 50+ 12 oz bottles can take a lot of time and effort. The very first thing you'll appreciate when switching to kegging is that there's only one vessel you need to worry about. But it's still no comparison to the pleasure of pouring a glass of beer straight from the tap!

From tank to tap, this kegging kit is made from the highest-quality components, starting with a brand new KOMOS 5 lb CO2 tank and KOMOS Dual Gauge Regulator. Choose from 2.5, or 5 gallon Slimline Torpedo Keg. These are the hottest homebrew kegs on the market, featuring stackable base, rolled stainless handles, and labeled In and Out body connects for your QDs. Everything it connected with EVABarrier draft tubing and Duotight push-to-connect fittings. EVABarrier is our draft line of choice due to the double-walled design that protects your beer from oxygen ingress and CO2 loss. Duotight fittings make everything come together quickly and easily—and they're just as easy to disconnect if you need to clean or reconfigure your setup.


  • KOMOS Dual Gauge Regulator
  • KOMOS 5 lb aluminum CO2 cylinder
  • Slimline Ball Lock Torpedo Keg (1.5, 2.5, or 5 gal)
  • EVABarrier beer & gas lines
  • Duotight Ball Lock Quick Disconnects (QDs)
  • Duotight-compatible plastic picnic faucet
  • KOMOS 7-in-1 Multi Tool Wrench

Please note: the CO2 tank ships empty. It can be filled or swapped for a full tank at your local welding or homebrew supply store.

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