Fermentis 500g SafAle S-04

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Quick Overview

  • Fast-acting yeast: Selected for its swift fermentation capabilities, perfect for quick brewing cycles.
  • Enhances clarity: Forms a compact sediment post-fermentation, significantly improving beer clarity.
  • Wide-range compatibility: Recommended for the production of an extensive variety of ales, providing versatility to brewers.
  • Cask-conditioned and tank-specialized: Particularly suited for cask-conditioned ales and beers fermented in cylindro-conical tanks.
  • Distillery-friendly: Rapid fermentation and settling features make it a valuable asset in distillery settings with grain-based washes.
  • Convenient size: Comes in a 500g package, making it ideal for large brew batches or multiple small ones.

Product Overview

Discover the excellence of the Fermentis SafeAle S-04 English Ale Yeast, renowned for its swift fermentation and ability to create a dense sediment post-fermentation. This feature aids in refining beer clarity and bestowing your brew with a crystal-clear appeal. It's a universal choice for crafting a broad array of ales, with a special knack for enhancing cask-conditioned ales and beers fermented in cylindro-conical tanks. Beyond brewing, the rapid fermentation and settling capabilities of S-04 find utility in distilleries, particularly with grain-based washes. Dive into the world of robust, clear ales with our English Ale Yeast!

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