55lb Wheat Malt for Brewing

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Quick Overview

In brewing, wheat malt can be used as the base malt at around 55% inclusion for wheat beers and, when mixed with barley malt, wheat malt can improve head retention, improve mouthfeel and introduce flavor changes in other beer types.

Product Overview

Experience the excellence of Crisp Malting Group's exceptional range of special malted products, carefully crafted from various cereals such as wheat, naked oats, and rye. These specialized products offer brewers a multitude of unique attributes, allowing them to explore and create distinctive beers with that coveted "little extra something."

When it comes to brewing, wheat malt takes center stage as a versatile ingredient. It can serve as the base malt, comprising approximately 55% of the grain bill, in wheat beers. Additionally, when combined with barley malt, wheat malt enhances head retention, improves mouthfeel, and introduces delightful flavor nuances to a wide range of beer styles.

Unlock the endless possibilities and elevate your brewing creations with Crisp Malting Group's superior range of special malted products. Let your imagination and expertise thrive as you harness the unique attributes of these exceptional malts to craft beers that stand out from the crowd.

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