CM Becker Faucet | V20 Forward Seal | Creamer | 304 SS

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Product Overview

An amazing Curved Forward Sealing Creamer Faucet from CMBecker! This heavy duty, yet sophisticated, faucet looks great with its unique stainless steel bent tube spout. Made in Germany and assembled in the United States. Engineered to be full of technological advantages to help you pour the perfect beer using the most sanitary system in the industry.

Please note: the faucet handle and draft shank in the example photo are not included.

  • Forward seal for better sanitation and operation
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction for longer life and no “leaching” of materials
  • Features a built in “Creamer” function so you can put a fine cream head on your beer
  • Closed Piston chamber with encapsulated compression sprin

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