Blichmann BrewEasy Electric - 10 gal. Turnkey Kit (240v)

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Quick Overview

  • This patented system and process utilizes a two
    kettle re-circulation infusion mash system called the Kettle-RIMS™ or K-RIMS™ process for short
  • The BrewEasy™ provides all the simplicity and speed of a traditional
    no-sparge brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) system, but offers the temperature ramping capability and wort clarity of a traditional RIMS system
  • This two kettle K-RIMS™ system eliminates the hot liquor tank of a
    traditional three tier system as well as the time consuming and somewhat complicated sparging process

Product Overview

The BrewEasy™ Electric is a revolutionary new ultra-compact and economical all grain brewing system. This patent pending system and process utilizes a two kettle recirculation infusion mash system called the Kettle-RIMS™ or K-RIMS™ process for short. This system is very simple to use and is a very approachable way to transition from extract brewing into all grain brewing. The BrewEasy™ Electric provides all the simplicity of a brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) system, but eliminates the cloudy wort, messy lifting, and does so with much better efficiency!

This Turnkey Kit includes all of the necessary equipment to produce 10 gallon batches of beer from the BrewEasy™.

Mash in the upper vessel, while using the lower to recirculate wort and raise mash temps as necessary. Recirculation flow rate is controlled by included orifices, allowing for 6 flow settings from 0.5 - 2.0 gpm. After conversion, simply open your Mash Tun valve, letting your wort drain into your Boil Kettle, at which point you're ready to boil and should be getting your hops ready!


  • 1x 15 gal BoilerMaker™ Kettle and False Bottom (upper Mash Tun)
  • 1x 20 gal BoilerMaker™ Boil Kettle (lower Boil Kettle)
  • 1x Blichmann BoilCoil™
  • 1x Blichmann Electric 240 v Tower of Power™ LTE Stand - With Pump
  • 1x Blichmann Tower of Power™ Control Module - 240 v
  • 1x BrewEasy™ Adapter Lid Kit - 10 gallon

Already own some Blichmann gear? Check out the modular BrewEasy™ Lid Adapter Kits. These are designed to upgrade your system if you already own the Burner, Pump, and appropriately sized Kettles.

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