59lb Blackstrap Molasses

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Quick Overview

  • Add an authentic rum ingredient with premium Blackstrap Molasses from BSG Distilling
  • Unsulfured and medium-to-dark colored, produced from non-GMO sugar cane
  • Premium grade molasses with rich flavors, aromas, and color
  • Enhance beer, cider, or create a foundation for your rum recipe
  • Trust BSG Distilling for the finest ingredients for your distillery's success

Product Overview

Elevate your distillery's creations with the addition of our premium Blackstrap Molasses from BSG Distilling. This authentic rum ingredient brings a distinct character to your spirits, ensuring a truly exceptional experience for your customers.

Our Blackstrap Molasses is unsulfured and showcases a medium-to-dark color, resulting from the refining process of pure, non-GMO sugar cane. As the final by-product of this meticulous process, our molasses embodies the essence of quality and purity.

Crafted to the highest standards, our premium grade Blackstrap Molasses offers a rich spectrum of flavors, enticing aromas, and a deep, captivating color. It serves as an excellent choice for adding depth and complexity to beer or cider, while also serving as a fundamental ingredient in the creation of remarkable rum recipes.

Discover the limitless possibilities that our Blackstrap Molasses unlocks, whether you seek to enhance the flavor profile of your beverages or lay the foundation for your signature rum. Trust in the excellence of BSG Distilling to provide you with the finest ingredients for your distillery's success.


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