Hopzoil Hazy Hop Oil Concentrate - 1.25 mL

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Product Overview

Hazy hop oil is unlike any other hop concentrate you've used before. Intended specifically for hazy style beers, turbidity is added to the oil to keep your haze consistent and in suspension for 3-5 times longer. This is helpful to brewers that have issues keeping haze in suspension during cold crash. You can use this as a corrective measure if your hazy cold crashes clear.

Distilled hop oil varies from other oils in that it is produced from fresh hops, as opposed to dried and processed pellets.  Distilled hop oil delivers the same wet hop character that was previously only possible to acquire with the use of freshly harvested hops.  The oil is extremely shelf stable, so you can now brew a consistent fresh hop IPA all year long. Extremely volatile, this oil should only be used for aromatic applications; typically applied at bottling/kegging.

This hop concentrate is very potent, so add to taste. We recommend using roughly 0.5-1.25 mL per 5-gallon batch, if replacing 50-100% of a dry hop, added directly to the beer prior to bottling or during kegging. We recommend using a 1 mL Pipette for accurate measurements. Be careful to not push off the volatile aromatic compounds (disturb the beer as little as possible and reduce oxygen exposure). Hop lovers will find that the 1.25 mL per 5-gallon dosage gives a pungent, fresh, pleasurable and unique hop experience. Tasting these oils is as close to being in Yakima for hop harvest as possible!

What is Hopzoil Hazy?
This hazy hop oil is an opaque, water-soluble emulsification designed for dosing directly into beers where a hazy turbidity is the desired result. This particular hop concentrate undergoes a process where turbidity is added to the oil which enhances the haze in your finished beer, supporting turbidity and extending shelf life up to 3-5 times longer, both in haze and sensory impact.

When Do I Add It?
Think of this oil as liquid dry hopping. Always use on the cold side of the brewing process, post-fermentation and pre-carbonation. Add it directly to your fermenter when fermentation is complete, or even spike your keg or bottling bucket during packaging. Use as a partial pellet replacement or as a full pellet replacement.

Please note: this product cannot be stored after opening.


Azacca® is a registered trademark owned by American Dwarf Hop Association, LLC
Hopzoil Hazy™ is a trademark owned by Glacier Hops Ranch Inc.

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